About our practice

Burlington Dental Centre is a 4 surgery practice. We offer a high quality comprehensive service on both a Private and NHS basis. A full range of routine and maintenance care for all age groups is available, using the best materials and technology.
Treatments that are available at the Burlington Dental Centre include routine restorative services, advanced restorative services, hygiene services, preventative care, tooth whitening, dental implants, orthodontics, cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry and oral surgical services.

The NHS contract has changed from the 1st April 2006. Under the new arrangements all treatment that is necessary to secure and maintain your oral health will still be available on the NHS. If you want, or your dentist suggests, treatment that is purely cosmetic (for example, tooth whitening, large white fillings or white crowns on back teeth), you can decide to have this treatment done privately. See our News Section for further details on the new NHS contracts.